Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Dog day afternoon

Burgbears has expanded.  I have now gotten myself into the area of handmade clothing for...yes...dogs.

My friend Jeni Fujita was looking for someone to make a dress for her dog to wear at her wedding.  She sent me a few images and the white satin number above is what I came up with. 

My dog is a mini poodle and gets a bit cold during the winter months, but she loves the snow.  I made her the cute Moose print feece jacket above.  She is an apricot poodle, so the jacket is very flattering.

Both patterns are my own and the satin dress includes some hand stitched work.  Contact me via the link below if interested in some fashionable items for your pooch.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Pride items a huge success

This year I attended the Gay Pride parade and sold Burgbears with a special twist. Bears either had a rainbow pattern crocheted across their chest, and or wore a rainbow patterned ribbon around their neck.

I also crocheted bracelets which were a modification of the friendship bracelet. No knots, but crocheted with a black closure. $5

Monday, April 26, 2010

Male dress form for sale

Male Dress Form with little to no use. Excellent condition. Let your creative juices flow. 16 1/2 inch neck, 41 inch chest, 36 1/2 inches top to bottom, 35" waist, 40" hips, Linen cover with metal cap, clamp for a stand inside right leg.

This dress form is a steal at $100. Click the, "place an order" logo below to contact me.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Just For You

In order to give you an original unique item. Monogrammed hats and other crocheted gifts are now available.

This hat has the customers name cross stitched into it. You pick the project color and the stitch color. Create your own look.

Add seven dollars to the price of your purchase and you're sportin' a personalized item.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Today's project

I've just finished making a great dog sweater. It was purchased by a Union City resident. Her dog, Sasha is a cream, tan, white, and grey pit bull.

Once I saw Sasha I knew that she needed to have a luscious turtle neck. I picked out some nice grey, tan and cream yarn and after meeting with Sasha's Mom and taking Sasha's measurements I went home and a week later Sasha had her fitting and it was awesome. Sasha gave me a kiss and she knew she looked awesome.

I also made some crocheted hats for another Union City resident. She asked for specific colors and she requested that two of the hats have the word TAO and her friends name on them. After some research I figured out how to make this happen.

I cross-stitched them on and even I was quite surprised and happy with how they came out.

Sasha's Mom now wants a Scarf/Hat. These can be quite fun. It's kinda like a hood with a scarf attached. I started knitting it like a scarf and once it's long enough I will fold it in half and then sew up the center of it side to side and add pockets to the ends.

It was a little too cold to go to the Union City Flea Market this past weekend, however my "hands are full," with orders from the September flea market.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


My Key item is the Burgbear. Each bear is individually crocheted and stuffed with non allergenic poly-fil.

Burgbears have been featured in the Broadway Cares Equity Fights Aids catalogue of items as well as in the Modern Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles.

Each bear is $20. Hand washable and make great gifts for expecting mothers. A baby blanket can be made to match as part of a shower gift.

Hats for $20 Alex

Hats can be made in a wide variety of ways. I enjoy both knitting and crocheting them. This pom-pom hat is crocheted. Need a hat in a hurry as a gift this is the item you want to order. Pick a color combination and this hat can be made in a matter of hours.
Knit hats take a bit longer to make but can also be made in a days time. Another decision to make is what type of yarn to choose. ACRYLIC (machine washable and durable) WOOL (very warm and dry clean only) COTTON (machine washable and organic)